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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mingl was created for a number of reasons to be a resource to those that are actually looking to go on more dates.

The online dating experience that’s available now is at best an inefficient experience. We sign up, answer a few questions (or, close to a few hundred questions), and then we wait.

…and wait some more.

Until the time comes when we finally send a message or even receive one randomly. Mix in the energy needed to build out the profile and maintaining your wit and charm via text and to only have the date be a subpar experience.

For those that don’t date online, you can only wait for so long for family & friends to set you up on an awkward first date.

Nobody has that kind of time.

With Mingl, you can meet others looking for the same thing you are and have a warm introduction made. We’ll only offer results to those that align with what your looking for, whether it’s casual, potential relationship or even looking to bring your groups together.

Location You can view nearby users in two ways; one, to see who’s within a mile radius that matches your criteria. For the other, you can see who’s at the same venue you are for a spontaneous meet up.

Comfort Mingl works best when you’re already out and about and on your terms. Chances are you’ll be with friends who are also at the same venue as the mingl taking place. If you ever have a bad mingl, you can either choose to Ignore the request or even Block, which literally wipes you off the unfavorable user’s radar.

Follow Up After you’ve met, we’ll follow up and see how it went by simply asking, “Did you have a good Mingl?”. If you both answer ‘Yes’, you can also opt in to receive date ideas for Round 2 at discounted prices to keep things going.

Sign up for Beta here and enjoy Mingl for free when we launch in March. That’s right. Free. We want to see how we can continuously make this a better experience and more importantly, get people meeting from wherever they may be.

Have ideas or just want to say hi? We encourage both and you can do so through our Twitter, Facebook or email at

We’ll see you out there!

-Team Mingl

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